David Raposa: “CONFIRMED: You can make a living as a media pundit if you’re able to divide up to three decimal places and have absolutely no shame.” You should never judge a book by its first couple of chapters, never mind the preface.

David Roth: No reason not to, though, if there’s no reason ever to acknowledge you did. And there’s something kind of of-the-moment about the idea of live-tweeting the Moby Dick contract that Pujols has gotten. Depressingly of the moment. “I don’t get this chapter about knots or why it’s here. This could wind up being the worst novel in history.”

If you don’t read these Yakkin’ columns you don’t know anything about joy! This one finally makes the Moby Dick knot chapter joke I’ve been waiting for all my life. (True fact: an English prof friend of mine, when I asked if Moby Dick was worth it, said, “Well, it’s the great American novel, but it’s also the great American WHALING novel.”)