a thing just popped up in the dashboard that’s an editorial about how the young people are all goin’ to hell (“getting soft” was the opening salvo) and it’s because of the horrible parenting about which our editorialist has the exact fix but in the meantime O the sordid results of this media-saturated anxious generation, the wages of et cetera, and I’m like

dude do you know what song I hear in my head as I’m reading the 10,000th what’s-wrong-with-the-kids article

"Kids" - Bye, Bye Birdie (Original Broadway Production, 1960)

incidentally but it bears noting, this performance is a perfect thing in this world 

true story: we sang this in 6th grade music class, after which our music teacher launched into an unironic diatribe about how our generation of kids  were terrible

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