Hi! I’m Josh Fruhlinger!

In 2004, I started the Comics Curmudgeon, a blog focused on newspaper comics strips, mostly because I wanted to find an audience for the dumb jokes about Mary Worth I kept coming up with. The audience for those jokes turned out to be surprisingly large and made me Pretend Internet Famous.

Since then, I’ve written for a number of outlets, most prominently Wonkette and The Awl. I help run [Citation Needed], a curated collection of Wikipedia’s worst writing (there’s also a book!), and am currently writing a novel called The Enthusiast. I like writing things that are funny, or about history (I got five semesters into an ancient history degree at UC Berkeley before fleeing in shame), or funny things about history.

In my pre-Internet famous life, I was a technical editor. I still do some of that as a freelancer, after quitting a perfectly good full-time job in 2012. I’m also trying out standup comedy, which hopefully will get less awkward. If any of that sounds interesting to you (AND I ASSUME IT DOES) and you’d like to hire me or collaborate on something fun, e-mail me at jfruh at jfruh dot com.

I live in Baltimore with my wife Amber (who is amazing) and my cat Hoagie.